My hometown Oirschot is a municipality  and a town in the southern Netherlands. It is situated 12 km from the city of Eindhoven and 20 km from the city of Tilburg in the province Noord-Brabant. The municipality has about 18,000

There are more than 300 monuments in Oirschot. Some of the monuments are:

– The Roman Catholic Church named Sint-Petrus’-Bandenkerk. This 15th and 16th century church is the biggest building in the town of Oirschot and the tower of the church is 73 meters high.

– The old town hall build in 1513 in the centre of town

– Maria-church (Maria-kerk). A 12th century church in the centre of the town of Oirschot.

– Monastery Nazareth (Klooster Nazareth) with a chapel in Neoroman style (1910).

– Former Brewery De Kroon (Brouwerij de Kroon) built in the year 1773

– Hof van Solms, palace of Arnoldus Feij (or Arnold Fey)

– The Big Chair (De Grote Stoel) the biggest chair of Europe.

– Huize Groenenberg, a very fine house built in 1613.

– Chapel of the Holy Oak (Kapel van de Heilige Eik), stone chapel dated 1606.

There are also a lot of festivals in oirschot every year like the Jazz festival and the Zinderend Oirschot

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