Alpha Communities

Who are they?

Alpha Communities is an international, charitable organisation established in 1994 to support new beginnings for communities affected by poverty in Asia. Alpha Communities assists local initiatives and promotes community based responses that impact poverty through education, health care, service provision and agricultural development. Alpha presently works with communities in China and Mongolia.

The organisation has international and locally hired staff with a variety of training and skills. Funding is provided through private donations, foundations and Alpha Communities registered charities in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Alpha is overseen by an International Board based and registered in Europe.

Click on the links to see more details on the Alpha Communities governance structure, and to see how you can get involved.



Alpha Communities Mongolia
CPO Box 698
Ulaan Baatar 13
Tel/Fax: +976 11 457-425


Alpha Communities Sichuan
Yiguanmiao Post
Box C-32
Chengdu, Sichuan 610041
Peoples Republic of China
Tel/Fax: +86 28 8555-6189

Alpha Communities Beijing
Bo Tai International B912
Guangshun Beida Jie
Wang Jing Nan Hu
Chaoyang, Beijing 100102
Peoples Republic of China
Tel/Fax: +86 10 8472 5540


Alpha-Omega e.V.
Alter Weg 2
57290 Neunkirchen

united kingdom

Alpha Communities UK
12 Cedar Close
Kibworth Beauchamp
Leicester LE8 0HY
England, UK

the netherlands

Alpha Communities Holland
Gerbrandylaan 23
3844 BH Harderwijk
Tel: +31 341 451-947


Alpha Communities USA
N6326 Raven Road
WI 53954