What is Taxi-Book?taxibook

The Taxi-Book™ is a small booklet initially designed for foreigners in China. The project was launched to support the many foreigners in                  ‘B’ cities in China, as they experience great difficulties getting around. The Taxi-Book™ is now an official trademark of RedTulipMarketing in Chengdu.

The core value of the Taxi-Book™ becomes clear when foreigners in China travel in cities, without mastering the (local) language. Using a Taxi-Book™, you carry a booklet with a lot of information that eliminates the linguistic and cultural barrier. This allows you to navigate independently through an unknown city.

Our main clients are businesses who use the Taxi-Book™ as a and/or service product. Please explore our website to see who we are and what we can do for you.


As the Taxi-Book was successfully introduced in Chengdu, and was expanded successfully towards many other Chinese second tier cities, we are now developing this product worldwide. Our vision is to provide high-quality information in a convenient way to create mutual advantages for ourselves, our clients and the users of the booklet.

Creating partnerships with reliable instances in the cities mentioned below, we are convinced we can maintain our high standards. We always control and check the content of our databases, print and distribute from our head- to ensure our standards in every city.

The Taxi-Book symbolizes this standard; a convenient solution for anyone unknown in a Chinese city. Providing this valuable information in a clear and effective way, the Taxi-Book is an icon for anyone and anything foreign related.

Now available in:

Beijing 北京, Changsha 长沙, Chengdu 成都, Chongqing 重庆, Dalian 大连, Fuzhou 福州, Hangzhou 杭州, Harbin 哈尔滨, Huzhou 湖州, Guangzhou 广州, Kunming 昆明, Lhasa, Nanchang 南昌, Nanjing 南京, Ningbo 宁波,      Qingdao 青岛, Sanya 三亚, Shanghai 上海, Shenyang 沈阳, Shenzhen 深圳, Suzhou 苏州, Taiyuan 太原, Tianjin 天津, Wenzhou 温州, Wuhan 武汉,     Wuxi 无锡, Xi‘an 西安, Xiamen 厦门

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