Sichuan Quake Relief

Sichuan Quake Relief is a non-profit, humanitarian organisation dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by the 12 May 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

Increase awareness of the reconstruction efforts in the earthquake zone.
Act as an information and logistics hub for fellow NGOs, volunteers, corporations and media.
To coordinate projects to assist those affected by the earthquake.
To act as a platform for the creation of a civil society.

Brief profile/history
Sichuan Quake Relief is a group of people who live and work in Sichuan, foreigners and Chinese, who came together to assist the victims of the earthquake.  On the morning of 13th May 2008, the day after the Sichuan earthquake, SQR started coordinating emergency relief aid.  Relief projects, and development projects are still ongoing.  SQR is committed to providing long-term support for those affected by the quake.

3200354175_038b2ec2c7Some past projects
Emergency relief aid to smaller towns and villages in the quake zone, particularly in the first 6 weeks post-quake.
Library Project. Click here for information on 5 schools which benefitted.
Children’s Day events.  Click here to read about one of these events.
Infant blanket distribution – vital in the particularly harsh winter of 2008/2009
Duvet drive – thousands of duvets/blankets distributed
Logistics and information hub – putting donors/volunteers/NGOs in touch with projects and each other

Current projects
Guangji Preschool & Kindergarten reconstruction. Click here for information about this project.
Afterquake CD – in aid of SQR.  Release date: 12th May 2009. Click here for Afterquake EP info.
Logistics and information hub – putting donors/volunteers/NGOs in touch with projects and each other
Chengdu Sports Aid coordinator – weekly trips to quake-hit schools and communities
Library Project: finding schools in need of basic libraries, and coordinating delivery and installation
2009 T-shirt and cloth bags – to raise money for SQR
Non-profit status pending in HK

Organisational milestones
May 2008, SQR founded
September 2008, formal registration in the UK and Hong Kong begun
October 2008, opened SQR
April 2008, non-profit status granted in the UK
May 2008, non-profit status pending in Hong Kong

Who are they (click here for contact info)
Peter Goff, Founder and Co-Director
Mark Allen, Co-Director, Web Admin
Walter Brown, Project Manager
Li JieHao, Project Assisant
Li YuanYuan, Administrative Assistant
Simon Perrin, Designer and Web Admin
Kirsten Allen, Volunteer
Lucy Fluck, European Coordinator

How does SQR survive?
SQR has minimal admin costs and relies on direct donations, as well as donations of services and goods, and revenue from events and merchandise, including T-shirt, calendar and linen bag sales.

Cash, services and materials donations to date
In excess of 10 Million RMB

SQR is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious entity.

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Sichuan Quake Relief

General enquiries: info@sichuan-quake-relief.org
Volunteer: volunteer@sichuan-quake-relief.org

Landline tel: +86 (0) 28 85520177
Fax: +86 (0)28 85521997

The Bookworm (LaoShuChong)
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