Hopeful Hearts

Emelyn Oortwijn, who used to live in Nanjing, introduced us to this organization. She gave us a brochure and the first shocking thing you read is: “On our way to the bakery we found a baby, abandoned at the side of the road.”

As incredible as this seems, the heartbreaking fact is that, in China, it is not an uncommon practice to place unwanted children in the hands of fate. This little baby boy was only eight days old. Who would care for him and allow him to grow up? Once housed at the orphanage in Nanjing, medical examinations showed his heart was not functioning properly. Born ‘not perfect’ made him an outcast in society.

Who are they?

Hopeful Hearts is an informal group of foreign women in Nanjing, dedicated to raising the funds necessary to make medical treatment for children possible. In most cases treatment requires an expensive course of heart surgery and special care. The children’s lives and futures would improve tremendously. The children would have a future; they would have hope – hopeful hearts. We hope that poor families keep their children, if they could get the financial support for the medical treatment.

What do they do?

Hopeful Hearts helps children achieve a better life. After the operations, some are placed in foster families and some are adopted. However, there are more children in China who need help. They also try to reach children who live in families that can’t afford operations independently. They have now expanded their help to other orphanages and other provinces, like Sichuan. The applications are being handled by the Amity Foundation and the money provided comes from Nanjing. Emelyn would like to gather money for the children who needs an operation here.


Their work and cause is supported by a broad spectrum of local and international bodies and individuals. These include the local government, the orphanages, local and foreign experts, artists and the business community at large. In Chinese, Hopeful Hearts translates as “Xinde Xiwang”. The Amity Foundation is a organisation that operates orphan support programs and acts as their advisor and mediator. Medical specialists of the Cardiac Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital are willing to carry out the operations at cost. In cooperation with the hospital and Amity, they try to reach the children with heart disease from poor families, other orphanages and provinces, before it is too late.


Hopeful Hearts organize fundraising events like “Wine and Cheese with Music” evenings. People come and pay for their wine and cheese, listen to the music and the introductions, take the brochure home, buy postcards and donate money.


The donations received guarantee the operations these children desperately need. Your financial support will make sure that Hopeful Hearts can continue their work.

  • USD-account: 95 801 003 216 082 420 14
  • Euro-account: 95 801 003 216 082 420 38
  • RMB-account: 04 400 010 517 126 000

Swift-number: BKCHCNBJ 940
Bank of China, Nanjing Centre Branch, 29 Hongwu Road, 210005 Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.


For further information, please visit or e-mail:

Help them give these children a Hopeful Heart!